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ECC - Faculty & Staff: Orientations and Library Instruction

Welcome to the Faculty & Staff LibGuide

Welcome to the ECC Library Faculty and Staff Libguide. 

We are dedicated to ensuring student success both in the classroom and in the world. We wish to help you ensure that our students become dedicated and life-long learners prepared to meet any challenges they face while they are students and after they graduate. Here you will find information about the library and its resources and how you can use these resources for the benefit of all ECC students.

Why Should You Schedule an Orientation?

Why is it important to schedule your class for a library orientation?

ECC Library has a wide variety of databases and resource available to students and faculty that will make getting their education a much easier process. Students will learn how to access and use the resources to perform better in their classes and in the world in general. It is vital to student success that these skills are a part of our students daily lives


What do I need to do to prepare my class for a library orientation?

While you are not required to do anything to prepare your class for a library orientation it can help to take the following steps.

  1. Have a specific assignment for the students to complete following the orientation.
  2. Make sure the students understand the importance of the orientation and how it will benefit them not only in this class but in the rest of their classes as well.
  3. Offer extra credit points for information literacy and library related activities to motivate students.







  1. Faculty desiring classes to meet in the library for any reason MUST schedule these classes with a library staff member.  This scheduling may be done through the division head in the case of multiple classes needing the library orientation session.

  2. Scheduling must be done at least two days prior to the date of class meeting using the proper scheduling Form provided by the library.

  3. Only ONE class PER PERIOD will be scheduled.

  4. Classes cannot be sent to the library.  A faculty member MUST accompany the class to the library and remain with them during the time they are in the library as a class.

  5. General library orientation sessions will be done through the first few weeks of a new semester.  Faculty members may do their own orientation tour and sessions, or they request the librarian to do this tour/session.  Library staff will work in any way they can with the faculty to help present the Library and its resources to the students.  All other instructors are asked to make library assignments but have their students prepare these assignments on their own time.

  6. Faculty can schedule orientations sessions by face-to face, email, or online request form.

    The online request form is located below. Please fill out the form and then email it to:

    Tarboro: Deborah Parisher -

    Rocky Mount Melissa McDonald -