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Welcome to the ECC Continuing Education LibGuide

Welcome to the ECC Continuing Education LibGuide

Continuing Education promotes the lifelong learning process by offering a wide range of programs and services. These programs and services are designed to meet the needs and interests of adults, regardless of their educational background. Some courses and services are offered on a continuing basis while others begin as a result of specific requests by individuals or professional or civic groups.

Courses can be developed on or off campus, day or night, whenever or wherever there is an interest expressed by a sufficient number of people. Courses and services are usually designed to assist in the following areas:

  • To prepare for entry into an occupation
  • To upgrade or retrain employed individuals
  • To provide cultural awareness
  • To provide self-improvement opportunities

The broad areas of Continuing Education are College and Career Readiness, Hispanic/Latino Initiatives, Human Resources Development, and Special Programs. Requests and suggestions for additional courses are welcome!